Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Fishing the Wood River

Holiday Fishing the Wood River: I have recently fished the Wood River, a nice break during the Holiday Chaos here at River & Riptide Anglers. The winter months can be fantastic along the Wood River. Most the area I frequent is at the confluence of the Falls & Flat Rivers just up-stream from Rte 165 in Arcadia Mgmt Area. During the tail end of the year be to check the hunting regulations as Blaze Orange is required in varying amounts during the hunting season:
Water levels during the fall and start of winter can vary and you'll find a mix of wild brook trout and stocked rainbow and browns. The occasional wild brown trout may eagerly take the fly, a well noted surprise to Rhode Island anglers. This time of the year nymphing tactics are most productive caddis abundance on the river bottom. Patterns such as olive caddis larva, pheasant tails and various darker nymphs will work well. Try a bright egg fly tied with a bead in front and small split shot to get the fly down. During un-seasonable weather you may also find surface activity on peak sun days, try small gray midge or tiny black stones tapered to 6 or 7X tippet. Surface activity is always welcomed as it showcases the health of our fishery. Generous float stockings throughout the season have resulted in a higher rate of sustainable fishing. This allows fish to be spread throughout the fishery allowing anglers the opportunity to spread out and enjoy the resource. Don't be afraid to hike a bit to find a pool or run away from the typical spots as fish will move to take up feeding & holding lies throughout the river. The winter months are not time to put your gear away as angling opportunities remain productive along the Wood River.

Wood River Brown Trout

Joe Grenon Just before landing a Wood River Rainbow
The Wood River below Rte 165