Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Fishing the Wood River

Holiday Fishing the Wood River: I have recently fished the Wood River, a nice break during the Holiday Chaos here at River & Riptide Anglers. The winter months can be fantastic along the Wood River. Most the area I frequent is at the confluence of the Falls & Flat Rivers just up-stream from Rte 165 in Arcadia Mgmt Area. During the tail end of the year be to check the hunting regulations as Blaze Orange is required in varying amounts during the hunting season:
Water levels during the fall and start of winter can vary and you'll find a mix of wild brook trout and stocked rainbow and browns. The occasional wild brown trout may eagerly take the fly, a well noted surprise to Rhode Island anglers. This time of the year nymphing tactics are most productive caddis abundance on the river bottom. Patterns such as olive caddis larva, pheasant tails and various darker nymphs will work well. Try a bright egg fly tied with a bead in front and small split shot to get the fly down. During un-seasonable weather you may also find surface activity on peak sun days, try small gray midge or tiny black stones tapered to 6 or 7X tippet. Surface activity is always welcomed as it showcases the health of our fishery. Generous float stockings throughout the season have resulted in a higher rate of sustainable fishing. This allows fish to be spread throughout the fishery allowing anglers the opportunity to spread out and enjoy the resource. Don't be afraid to hike a bit to find a pool or run away from the typical spots as fish will move to take up feeding & holding lies throughout the river. The winter months are not time to put your gear away as angling opportunities remain productive along the Wood River.

Wood River Brown Trout

Joe Grenon Just before landing a Wood River Rainbow
The Wood River below Rte 165

Saturday, September 29, 2012

False Albacore invade the Rhode Island shoreline. Over the past several weeks we have great False Albacore fishing with Albies from the East Passage of Narragansett to the South side of Fishers Island New York. A variation of baits with predominant Bay Anchovy have been present. We target the speedsters with small flies on number 2 or 4 hooks. A mix of white, pink and tan SF Blend, EP Fibers or Bucktail will do the trick. Fast casting action with quick retrieves are key when these fish are blazing through bait. The action started first of September and water temps have remained in the mid 60's. I would expect False Albacore to be around through mid October. Get out hang on and enjoy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer is here and the Wood River is fishing better than ever. Its Early June and we are seeing excellent Hexagenia Limbata Hatches. Mixed in are Light Cahills, Mahoganies and a good hatch of Yellow Sallys. Most of these hatches are present during late the late afternoon and early evenings. Mid day terrestrials such as ants, beetles and inch worms are working well. Water levels for this time are excellent. To find solitude try fishing the upper reaches of the Wood above rte 165

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Take A Kid Fishing

I cannot stress how important our resources are without our children. Kids must get an early understanding of our natural resources. What better way than to take a kid fishing. Look beyond the crowds and embrace our youth. If you're out on the river and you see youngster fishing. Lend a tip or two and help them be better stewards. The gesture will go miles.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wood River Fishing Report

Although trout have been hit hard during this past weekend’s opener caddis seem to dominant insects hatching. False Gray Drakes are fluttering around with Black Quills in the mix. Mid-day and afternoons are best for surface feeding trout. Don't be afraid to meander away from heavily stocked areas as the Wood has plenty of holdover settled fish. Mahogany Compara Duns, Dark Caddis, and various nymphs are working best. Size 12 across the board.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Farmington River

Winter on the Farmington River can be phenomenal. This tail-water fishery expands it's catch & release area to roughly 21 miles during the normally closed season. Expect winter caddis, little black stones, midge & blue winged olives. I personally like this river best with flows below 500cfs. Longer rods in the 9ft range and nymphing rods up to 10ft. If your seeking rising trout areas such as Church Pool offer hot spots of heavily oxygenated water which lead to slow very deep pond like shelter were fish move up to the edge of the fast water to feed on massive amounts of aquatic insects. There are many other areas which offer these attributes where rising fish can be found. The Farmington River is truly a great place with a diverse range of water anatomy. With 21 miles of catch & release water the winter months can make this river and epic fishery to visit.

Central Riffle 

Inspect ~ Clean ~ Dry

Peoples State Forest

Hogback Dam

The Tail-water

Wild & Scenic

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sorry I have not posted here in a bit. Its been a crazy winter. Two weeks ago a few of us hit Merrick Brook in CT. With just a few fish caught the area was prestine and appeared to be loaded with with insect life. Over turning stones we found various mayflies and caddis meandering about. This area was catch & release dedicated to both wild brook & brown trout. Maybe Rhode Island should consider adopting similar policies set by CT in  effort to preserve some precious waters which may hold both wild brook and brown trout.

What do you think?