Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Steelhead 2010

Here are a few scenes from 2010, good friends, good fishing, and good times.

 Pat Digregorio with a nice Salmon River Steelhead
Ed Sullivan with a nice steely at the Wire Pool 63 degree weather in Novmeber
 Big Hen in the Lower Fly Zone
 Chris Grenon Upper Fly Zone
 Mike Muzzy with his first Salmon River Brown, whats bigger the fish or the smile
 Joe (BoBo) Grenon with a Lower Fly Zone Steelhead
 Capt Bob Hine with and Isabella Beach Summer Striper (Fishers Isle. NY)
 Kerri with his first fly rod Striper Fishers Island NY.
Central Riffle Farmington River Brown Trout Early Summer Mahogany Dry Fly

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