Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fly Fish The Farmington River

This past Thursday I instructed anglers on some of my favorite patterns I use on the Farmington River during spring hatches. The Hendrickson Hatch is very prolific on the Farmington River. I have seen this hatch as early as the 2nd week in April. Best bets are 1st week in May. If you're like me I like to fish the Trout Management Area above Rte 219, I can always find water without crowds. Once the Hatch Starts in some of the lower stretches below Pineville, it time to start planning. You can actually follow this hatch up river.
Some of my favorite flies are Dun Variant, Quill Bodied Compara-Duns and this Biot Bodied Catskill Styled Dry we tied on Thursday. We'll be out Fishing the Farmington River reel soon.
David Porreca

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  1. What size do you normally tie these on? Great blog, you got a new follower