Sunday, November 20, 2011

Salmon River Steelhead

It has been a week since we've returned from upstate New York. The first two days were spent on the Salmon River. Crowds were heavy on Sunday and things got better as we hit the new week. The river has been running quite low all fall and is in dire need of water. 335 cfs just doesn't trigger fresh runs a fish. None the less there are plenty of fish in the river and I found black stones to be some of the best bets. I concentrated on seams, quarter up stream with just a few size B shot, mend then swing and Steelies would hit it on the swing. Keep you drag lose as this will give the fish some running slack. Adjust the drag and put the meats to him. On Tuesday we headed over to Sandy Creek in Rochester to find mostly big Browns and few nice Steelhead. Here big Male Browns were behind the females. Large attractor flies worked, for those of us fortunate to find some steehead here trout beads worked very well as they were on the female brown trout reds. These Steelhead were very aggressive. We hope you enjoy the photos below. If you have any questions about Steelhead fishing just give us a call at the shop. 401-392-1919

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