Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wood River Fishing Report

Although trout have been hit hard during this past weekend’s opener caddis seem to dominant insects hatching. False Gray Drakes are fluttering around with Black Quills in the mix. Mid-day and afternoons are best for surface feeding trout. Don't be afraid to meander away from heavily stocked areas as the Wood has plenty of holdover settled fish. Mahogany Compara Duns, Dark Caddis, and various nymphs are working best. Size 12 across the board.


  1. So ive been to Carolina trout pond and the wood river. So far only a couple of fish. Are there any particular spots along the river that you would say are better than others? My other problem is in regards to fly line. So far ive been using a floating line due to the amount of insects on top of the water. With this i use a tapered leader. Should I try some sink tip at the end of my floating line?

    1. I never use a sink tip fly line. Try a 9ft leader with bead headed nymphs to get below. Fish dries during peak sunlight and into dusk. Currently Pheasant Tails, Olive Caddis Pupa below and Dark Caddis and Black Quills on top. Size 12 would work. I'll only use a sink tip on the ponds in Spring & Fall. With low water I don't thinks its neccessary. Hope this helps.

  2. Brian,I found Black Quills on the Alton section of the Wood on opening day. Duns came off at 9am,spinners at around 11.Obviously there must have been a hatch the day before as well.This is the earliest I have ever found mayflies on this section of the river,which is where I expect to find them first.The state really loaded this section with giant rainbows.Check it out soon as it is usually fished out by June.Went back last Wed. and found Mahogany Duns.I have yet to see any mayflies or Golden Stones on the Pawcatuck but they should begin soon.Last year Mahoganys were hatching on every section of this river for the first time.Repeal the clean water act and dismantle the EPA? You have to be kidding!