Saturday, March 3, 2012

Farmington River

Winter on the Farmington River can be phenomenal. This tail-water fishery expands it's catch & release area to roughly 21 miles during the normally closed season. Expect winter caddis, little black stones, midge & blue winged olives. I personally like this river best with flows below 500cfs. Longer rods in the 9ft range and nymphing rods up to 10ft. If your seeking rising trout areas such as Church Pool offer hot spots of heavily oxygenated water which lead to slow very deep pond like shelter were fish move up to the edge of the fast water to feed on massive amounts of aquatic insects. There are many other areas which offer these attributes where rising fish can be found. The Farmington River is truly a great place with a diverse range of water anatomy. With 21 miles of catch & release water the winter months can make this river and epic fishery to visit.

Central Riffle 

Inspect ~ Clean ~ Dry

Peoples State Forest

Hogback Dam

The Tail-water

Wild & Scenic

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